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My Intuos is acting poopy, it won't sense pressure, i've been fixing it all week, and it still won't show any improvement, I've been shamboozled, send help 

....I might be even more inactive until i get this fixed guys, very sorry....very scared..
Today I say goodbye to my 6 year old bamboo pen tablet,and I welcome my new Intuos pro! 
let's chit chat lovelies (。・//ε//・。) 
Mask by Pyon-Suki
spoopy season coming, so I need more spoopiness in my gallery, the mask based off what what the japanese would wear a long time ago so they can breath safely, it look pretty spoopy and yee, once again I wanted to work out more of my painting skills whew ts one took a long time 
Where do I begin, well, I first joined the Deviantart Community on June 17 2009 on my old account, :iconfansonic: , ew, I was one of those annoying 12 year olds who was really into Sonic Fancharacters and ugghh... and I didnt even know how to use the website in general, and I had to use my dads email to make the account, I didnt know my dads password so I couldn't go to the confirmation link that they would send you, so I couldnt comment nor post any artwork, so the way I would comment would be to go down and find a comment and I would reply to it hoping that the artist would read what I put :XD:  but then later I got my own email and finally got to upload some of my drawings with a Camera and then later with a scanner that I saved money for. 
Yoru sketch by fansonicsonic heroes chibi:team sonic by fansonic

In 2010 I finally got a Scanner, and sadly I started to make....really bad Sonic Fancharacters llama stare Nicolas Cage APH England: Scared Dramatic 
and now able to communicate with others, I started to get to know them and accepted requests even if they were really bad idk why people would want art from me when it looked terrible, but I remembered this is when I would start to be on here all day and I would always upload sketches and such, if anything I was way more active then than I am now, this year was also the first time I got into digital art, but I only had a laptop to do it all in so I had to use the mouse pad for all of it and guhhh....
Vain Pose.1 by fansonic(ew)Cosplaying by fansonic Happy B-day Sonic by fansonic
It was also the first time I actually got a chance to do something for Sonic's birthday, so that's cool too I guess :XD: the programs that I used were mostly gimp and sai, but then I just stuck with sai and forgot about gimp, and this was also the year where I met one of my bestest internet friend here, and the only one out of the many old internet friend, that I still talk to,:iconth-elbowz: :iconrubcheeksplz: back then she requested, Sonic Shadow and Silver making cake, and this was the result  RQ:Baking Cake by fansonic  (totes gonna redraw this omg) 
Soon after I ended up getting my first Pen tablet, that I still own and use for all of my current artwork! :love: 
Vains New Look by fansonicYum Chili Dogs by fansonic .... you can just smell the improvement omg...

In 2011, that's when I started to get more watchers and favorites, and I guess what was the best part of this year is that I legitimately had internet friends who I looked forward to talking to everyday, idk what happened, but we just stopped talking once I started to be more and more inactive, but what a year this was,ROTG.6 
I started to see real improvement on my art, and Sonic's 20th anniversary, and Colors and Generations was just amazing and ah Baekhyun and his beautiful smile what a year to be a sonic fanartist pffth :love: 
Cosmo by fansonicSonic Colors by fansonicSonic CD :4 by fansonicHappy Birthday Sonic by fansonicSonic ID by fansonic
it was also the first time I got some attention from artist that I looked up to! Miuna Crying Icon and it was also the year me and :iconth-elbowz: finally get to meet in person to try out Sonic generations! Maki Crying Icon 

And in late 2011 and early 2012,I wanted to take more time in my artwork and learn new styles and coloring techniques and just stretch out my drawing skills, and it seems like I would regret that decision since I lost touch with communicating with people online and it was hard to get as much comments and such but, I never felt as good with my art ever! and I wanted to keep doing it, so I decided to restart and that's what I did on the first day of 2012,
Last few Deviations on fansonic:
Happy Halloween by fansonicLast Night, Good Night by fansonicGift for Komatsuu by fansonic

On January 1, 2012 I moved to this account :iconpyon-suki: with the name "Iluvsawnik" 
Sherlock Hedgehog by Pyon-SukiNot A Step Closer by Pyon-SukiHappy Birthday SONIC .:21st:. by Pyon-Suki

2013 was when I started to get back on my feet slowly, I started to learn how to draw other things like people and animals and such, it was a bit out of my comfort zone, but hey that's how people learn right? and I finally started to see a style that I could really stick to and know that it was my own unique style, 
2P America by Pyon-SukiI prefer coffee by Pyon-SukiFlower Crown by Pyon-SukiHappy 22nd Birthday Sonic by Pyon-Suki

And now this year, this year has been amazing, I made new friends, I've improved greatly , and was finally confident enough to open Paypal Commissions, which turned out great btw, but this year feels like if I'm still starting to get back on my feet, and trust me I'm trying, I'm trying my hardest, and I feel that it's paying off greatly, and now that I got a chance to actually look back on my past years, it feels unbelievable on what I can create, but the most I create, its just fanart, but I've been uploading original art slowly, kind of just squezzing by but it's there, and Yea i'll still do fanart, because without sonic, would I even want to learn and push through all this effort? the first year I started, i wanted to be an amazing Sonic artist, and the reason why I wanted to draw human characters was to draw Link and other characters that I love, idk, the things that I love kind of just push and urge me to draw them, and I think that's why I continue drawing, so I can draw my favorite characters , but I want to also take what I learn from that motivation and use it for my own things and my own creations and ideas, and that's what I've been doing, and I am so happy. 

And from being on deviantart, I have learned so many things from so many amazing artists and friends! I've got to talk to many of you, and you guys have seen me improve through here, I know many people leave deviantart, maybe cause it's gotten too boring or if there's too many idiotic people on here, idk, but I can see where they're coming from, but Deviantart is like my internet home, you've guys seen me through my happiest and worst times on here, and leaving just seems like a nightmare, but if there ever comes a day, where I do decide to leave, it hopefully won't be because of hate, but hopefully I have a good reason, but whenever that day comes, I'll always have deviantart to thank, for starting me off on my artist journey, and I hope that you help others improve just like how you did with me, thank you deviantart, and happy 14th birthday :dalove: 

Kuida-page-dollie by Pyon-SukiPixelate me by Pyon-SukiLet's Go on One More Adventure! by Pyon-SukiMy Little World by Pyon-Suki
and thank all of you, thank you for sticking by me, and hopefully we can see how much I improve, in the next 5 years. 
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